How Long Before You Move Should You Start Packing?

How long before you move should you start packing?

Moving can be an exciting but overwhelming process, with many tasks to juggle and deadlines to meet. One of the most crucial aspects of a successful move is knowing when to start packing. Starting too late can lead to stress and disorganization, while starting too early can disrupt your daily routine and cause more issues than you need.

The best time to start packing before a move can depend on the size of your home, the number of belongings you have and your personal schedule. As a general guideline, however, it’s important to consider the following timeline:

8 Weeks Before the Move: Start by decluttering your home and sorting through your belongings, and work out what to keep, donate or discard.

6 Weeks Before the Move: Start collecting packing supplies such as boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap and tape. Start packing items you rarely use or won’t need before the move, such as off-season clothing, holiday decorations and rarely-used appliances.

4 Weeks Before the Move: Start packing items that you use less frequently such as books, DVDs or extra linens. This is also a great time to start disassembling furniture that you won’t need before the move such as guest room beds or tables.

2 Weeks Before the Move: Start increasing the pace of your packing and focus on items like home décor, office supplies and non-essential electronics. Remember to label your boxes clearly to make the unpacking process easier.

1 Week Before the Move: Pack everyday items that you can live without for a short period such as most of your clothes, shoes and non-essential kitchen items. Set aside a box or suitcase with essentials you’ll need during the last few days before the move and the first few days in your new place.

1-2 Days Before the Move: Pack any remaining items such as toiletries, bedding and essential kitchen items. Go the extra mile and prepare a “moving day essentials” box with important items like medication, important documents, chargers and snacks to keep handy during the move.

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