Cardboard Boxes for Moving House

Packaging is an important part of everyday life, especially if you’re moving house and need to put your entire life into cardboard boxes, or you need e-commerce packaging to fulfil customer orders. Whether you need removal boxes, shipping boxes, large cardboard boxes or custom mailing packages – and no matter what size – you’ll find what you need at Smith Packaging.

We don’t just provide cardboard boxes for moving house – we provide quality cardboard boxes in any number you need, whether that’s one or one thousand. And if you’re looking for eco-friendly cardboard boxes, you’ll find them here, too. But while we’re the premier choice for e-commerce packaging boxes, we don’t just supply to commercial clients. Whether you’re moving house, relocating, or need to pack up your things to put them in storage, we also supply cardboard boxes to the general public, and everyone can rest assured that each product is of the highest quality and will be delivered quickly, just check our reviews.

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There are many different types of cardboard boxes, so you may be asking yourself, “where can I buy cardboard boxes?” Well, look no further! At MOVINGHOUSEBOXES.COM, we provide a range of cardboard boxes for sale throughout the UK, including:

  • Moving boxes
  • Single wall cardboard boxes
  • Double-wall cardboard boxes

Moving Boxes

If you’ve bought a new property, you’ll no doubt need boxes and packaging for moving house. The removal boxes we supply come in different sizes with handy carry handles and room lists printed on the side, so you can transport them easily and know exactly where to put them in your new home. Just don’t forget the packing tape!

Not sure if you should invest in moving boxes? We’ve got 5 reasons to help make your mind up.

Single Wall Cardboard Boxes

The classic cardboard box. If you’re storing or transporting lightweight items, a single wall cardboard box will do the job perfectly. Choose from eight different sizes to suit your needs.

Buy single wall cardboard boxes.

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Looking for something a little sturdier? Double-wall cardboard boxes are twice as thick and strong enough to protect fragile or heavier items. Buy in a range of sizes, either per pack or per pallet.

Shop double wall boxes.

Get all your boxes from Moving House Boxes

We aim to make your move as easy as possible, and with our HQDW reinforced boxes, you can be assured that we never compromise on quality. On our website you can find everything from packing kits, packing box bundles, and packing boxes, to packing markers, packing tools, packing protection and packing tape.

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